Rauceby Hall

Spring is officially in the air! After what seems like a very long winter here in England, I've finally been able to spot spring flowers, enjoy a little bit of warm sunshine on my face and hear bees buzzing and birds chirping. A couple of weekends ago my mum and I visited one of our favourite local halls. 

We like to think of it as a bit of a hidden local gem - just down the road from us, Rauceby Hall and gardens are only open one day a year for the public. So as soon as we find out the date we always seize our chance to see the wonderful grounds and grab a tasty homemade cake. 


This wonderful cherry tree was the first blossom tree I had seen in full bloom this year. What a beautiful pink colour. I also spotted lots of primroses and daffodils in the boarders. 


One of the highlights for me every spring is getting to see the little lambs being born at the hall. This year there was a very high number of lambs being born and this meant that lots of yews abandoned their lambs as they could only look after two (known as twins). This means that the farmer has to hand rear all these little ones. What a job!

They're so adorable - it melted my heart. Here's a few more photos of them!

IMG_0281 copy.jpg

I thought this would be a great time to mention as well about the spring hashtag I have created on Instagram for you all to share your lovely spring photos from around the world. #MelodiesOfSpring is all about sharing spring's collective melody. You can find my original post about it here.

The birds are stirring out of their winter beds, the lofty bright blue skies and energetic clouds are returning. All around nature is coming alive - a subtle change is vibrating through the natural world. The sound of joyous bird songs can be heard loud and clear - a chorus of larks and cuckoos. The bare winter branches are opening with new buds, the flowers are starting to burst with colour and scents that awaken the soul. Change is upon us, undaunted by the snow-covered mountains. #MelodiesOfSpring is about celebrating the seasons and capturing Spring's song - whether this is birds, flowers, trees, insects, rivers, mountains or light.

I can't wait to see all of your amazing photos from around the world. I will be sharing some of my favourites on my stories - you can tag me too so I don't miss your posts!

Charlotte x

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