February Walk - A Photo Diary

Last weekend I went on a very cold and blustery walk with my family around some local fields. We've never walked this route before, so it was good to find new natural landmarks and villages to explore. 

In winter I find myself craving light and being outside more so than in spring or summer- but at the same time, I also want to just stay wrapped in my blanket indoors and hide away from the world. I think it's good to get the balance right not only for your physical health but for your mental health too. It may have been hailing outside - but it made me feel a bit more alive and helped me get out of hibernation mode.

I stumbled upon this beautiful old tree stretching across a small stream. I think it's been shaped like this by strong winds. Lincolnshire is very flat and mainly agricultural land, so this tree would have been exposed to all those stormy winter days over the course of its life.


Nature's own artwork can be found in even the remotest of places - like this hollow tree. A hollowing trunk is a natural process and it’s not necessarily a sign of an ailing tree. The centre of the tree is deadwood which is slowly decayed by fungi. The fungi is perfectly happy in the deadwood and very rarely, if at all, will touch the living sapwood. How cool!

_1900239 copy.jpg
_1900235 copy.jpg

One of my favourite things about this walk was getting to spot my first signs of spring. The snowdrops and hazel catkins add little splashes of colour in an often bleak winter landscape. They remind me that winter will pass (it feels like it's been winter forever) and that nature will bloom again.


It's little things like this which make winter slightly more bearable. How do you stay positive in winter?


Charlotte x

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