Home for Christmas: A Winter Walk

I'm finally back home from university for Christmas and New year, while the work never ends and I need to have completed a full first draft of my dissertation for when I go back in January, and get started on other modules, I allowed myself a few days break from work so I could spend time with my family. It's almost ingrained into my brain now that if i'm not doing work for a whole day then i'm getting behind and I should be working harder, but i'm learning to take time off from uni work and take a well needed break. 

One of the things I miss the most while being away from home is the nature and being outdoors without all the noise and busyness of a city. While there is one or two parks in the city it doesnt compare to the countryside back home and I crave long walks through the woods and visiting my favourite National Trust properties! On Saturday we visited a place that I have visited since I was young, Belton House. I have so many happy memories there, it's always nice to revisit with my family. 

It was beginning to feel very christmassy as we walked around, I couldn't resit photographing all the pretty lights. One of the other moments which felt very magical, was getting to see the Fallow Deer. For me Deer are one of my favourite animals and I find them so majestic and calming and so to get so close to them made me so happy. Although I wish I'd brought a lens with a larger zoom to get close up shots of them it was nice just being around them.

After seeing the deer we took a walk around the rest of the grounds. Although Autumn is my favourite season, Winter is closely followed. I love the crisp and cold air and the moody colours and tones in the landscape. Recently it's been quite foggy and I love the atmosphere it brings along with it.

At Belton House they have a lovely little second hand bookshop in the old stables. Although I didn't find anything this time (which is probably a good thing as I am a bookaholic and self confessed book hoarder) it was nice to just look around and see the book tree!

The light in Winter fades fast but if you time it right you get to see the sun setting and a beautiful warming golden light on a clear day. Luckily when we visited it was a clear day with very little clouds in the sky which meant we got to witness a lovely Winter sky scape of blues. I was also surprised to see blossom tree at this time of year, it looked out of place compared to the bare and dull colours of the surrounding foliage. 

I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and Troy over christmas and having a bit more free time to read my books and draw and paint again. That's one thing I don't really have time to do while at university. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas too!

Charlotte xx

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