Small Moments

So January is in full swing now and I can't help but reflect on the small moments over the past few weeks. It all feels like a blur really, it's gone so quickly. Trying to get all of my work done for term one of my third year at university then coming home for the christmas holidays and now starting term two has left me feeling out of sync. After just getting used to being back home and then coming back to uni and to a big city again I cant help but long for the small moments which I enjoy at home. 

I guess i'm quite sentimental about places and things. One of the reasons I love being back home is that I'm surrounded by all my books and belongings that i've collected all of my life and all the places I love to visit with my family. So to be in a city which still feels so unfamiliar even after nearly 3 years of living here and being here in a space which doesn't really feel like 'me' makes me long for the small and simple routines of being back home.

To try and combat this feeling of being slightly lost, not only in my university work but how i'm feeling in myself is to try and do little things that make me feel happy and what I usually do while not at university. This normally includes reading, making things and cooking!

I started reading Outlander about two weeks ago now and i'm about 200 pages in and i'm really enjoying it. Having watched and then rewatched the tv show about 5 times and counting down to season three, I decided to start reading the book. Scotland is one of my favourite places (in fact I was actually born there!) and is somewhere I long to visit more in the future.... so when I discovered that Outlander was a Scottish historical fiction novel I couldn't not read it. Anything historical or Scotish I'm into it. It's also making me desperately want to visit the Highlands and just escape the stress of modern life for a while. Sometimes it feels like life in the 18th century was a lot simpler.

One of my favourite places back home is Lincoln. Living in a small town in a rural area, the closest city and place to do things really is Lincoln. When I was younger I used to get so frustrated that I didn't live in a city as it seemed so much more fun, but now i'm older I enjoy the quietness and simplicity of being outdoors and in the countryside. This has also greatly inspired my photography projects at university and i'll shortly be returning home and to North Yorkshire where my family live to start my next project.

In comparison to most cities, Lincoln really isn't that big but that's one of the aspects I love about it and its become so familiar to me. For as long as I remember I've visited here at least every few weeks and I've always loved the older end of the city, which requires you to walk up a very steep cobbled street which is appropriately named Steep Hill. Once you've finally made it to the top you can see the castle and cathedral. I just love visiting the cathedral and looking up at the gothic architecture. It reminds me of how small us human beings really are and yet how we created this giant and intricate stone building centuries ago. 


Along the way up Steep Hill there are so many lovely vintage, antique and book shops which have the prettiest window displays I couldn't help not photograph them. 

When you're finally at the top of the hill you can see the beautiful cathedral to your right and then to your left you can see the castle. I love being in this part of Lincoln and exploring the Bailgate area. One of the things I miss the most about being in the city I'm in while studying at university, is the character. Lincoln and many of my favourite cities such as York, Oxford and Edinburgh all seem to have this quirkiness. I enjoy visiting and photographing the historical buildings. 

Charlotte x

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