The Colours of Autumn

Without a doubt Autumn is my favourite season - from the changing colours of the trees to wrapping up in layer upon layer of clothing and then coming home after a cold day and getting changed into your pyjamas and drinking a hot drink to warm up. Every part of it makes me feel cosy. While the long days and nights of summer are brighter and longer it can often feel endless and I often feel like I can't relax in the evening as my brain still thinks I should be doing something because the sun is still up. Yet with Autumn the days are shorter and feel like they have an end point to them. The warm and golden sun in the morning and the low setting sun in the evening changes my mood considerably - it's a calming and atmospheric light that cannot be compared to the bright light of summer. Maybe that's just me but I enjoy the comfort of autumn and the routine of coming home after a long day at uni and the library and enjoying the time I have in the evening.

I aimed to make an autumn blog post last week however university and travelling just seemed to get in the way and I never had a free moment to sit down and finish the post. So i've combined the past two weekends into one post. About two weeks ago I went on an autumn walk with my boyfriend Troy just as the leaves were starting to change and it was my first walk of the season. It felt so nice to walk amongst the trees together as the evening light was starting to emerge through the trees. For me, being in a long distance relationship it makes me appreciate small moments like this more as I have to wait weeks for them and it gives me something to think about during the time in between visits. 

Last weekend I went back home to visit family and take photographs as part of my final year university project. Within my project I am looking at the conservation and management of the ancient oak trees and woodland within Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire as the ancient woodland has undergone serious fragmentation over the last few hundred years so now only a small amount of old oaks remain. Along with taking photographs for my project I of course had to photograph the beauty of it during autumn!

I'm enjoying this year of university much more already compared to last year as I'm able to do projects that I'm passionate about and that are specific to my area of photography. However the work load is so much it can be very overwhelming. Although I felt like I had so much work in second year, third year is on a whole new level... and that combined with writing my dissertation and having to present it is very stressful. On the whole though i'm more motivated as i'm able to write about environmental photography and the issues surrounding it which i'm very interested in.

What have you guys been up to this autumn? I'd love to know what you've been doing and what your favourite thing about autumn is in the comments below!

Charlotte xx

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