Birthday Trip to York

Hi everyone! This week I celebrated my 20th birthday, I feel like i'm getting old now that i'm no longer a teenager....i'm also not entirely sure how I feel about that. To celebrate, myself and my boyfriend Troy took a trip to one of my favourite cities....York. I haven't been here since I was younger but its always been somewhere I've wanted to revisit and what a better time to visit than on my birthday. We stayed at the Fort Boutique Hostel right in the centre of the city and this made it so easy to get around as everything was on our doorstep. This also meant we could come back at any time and even relax for a bit after a day of walking before heading out for an evening meal.

For me York is one of those cities that no matter how many times I walk down the same streets i'm still amazed by how beautiful it is and how evident the city's medieval heritage is. The streets are old and winding and have many tiny alleyways and cut throughs which are a reminder of the city's medieval past and how the streets used to be used. 

Although we got lost many times it was easy to find our way back as all the streets seemed to link together and nothing is too far away to visit in a day. Another reason its the perfect city for a short break!

One of the main attractions we visited was York Minster but we mainly just wandered around the city and explored places on foot without planning where to go next which was fun and spontaneous! Of course as a book lover (and hoarder) I had to go in every second hand book shop we stumbled upon and out of every shop we visited my two favourites were the Minster Gate Book Shop and Grimoire Bookshop.

On another note, for the past year or so I have been collecting vintage clothing which I am going to be photographing soon and selling on my depop which i'm so excited about. I cant wait to share with you all the quirky items i've found on my travels. I will also be posting about the clothing on my blog here so you can view the items in more detail. If you're interested in vintage clothing check out my depop shop, my username is @charolivia.

Charlotte xx