English Rose | A Sunday Adventure

Hello there! Today I decided to take a break from my revision and swap my highlighters in exchange for my camera and sunglasses.The past few days in England have been wet and humid, but today it was a glorious summers day. I took the opportunity to explore my local area a bit more with my mum. I've lived in Lincolnshire the whole of my life and although I visit Lincoln at least a few times a month, I realised that I haven't 


explored it properly. I'll be leaving for university in September and be moving out of Lincolnshire and in many ways I will miss the small market towns and country houses which I visited when I was younger with my family. After stopping off at a cafe for lunch, we visited a few open gardens. I was able to explore the beautiful high walled gardens, I think the pictures speak louder than words in this case. Even today the gardens still haven't lost any of their original charm and character, it felt as if I was transported to a secret garden. (Just like in the film)

Charlotte x