Small A/W Haul

Hello everyone! I wen't shopping yesterday and I managed to pick up a few items which I've photographed above. I went into Topshop, Primark and River Island and everything I tried on didn't fit me right or I picked an item thinking it was my size when it turns out someone had put it on the wrong hanger and there was none of that item left in my size. So I came away slightly disappointed with not buying any new clothes. On a more positive note I was able to find this lovely cable knit jumper and these tartan pajama bottoms which were only £6 from Primark. I've been eyeing up some just like them on the Jack Wills website for a while now and I though these were a perfect and cheaper alternative. I also bought some cute socks from Topshop along with knitted knee high socks and tights. I couldn't resist buying some new books, even though I have lots of other books to read first. I was also excited to try the Revlon Lip Butters because every beauty blog i've read has been raving about them and I have to say I love them as well! 

Charlotte xx