Instagram Adventures: August

Goodbye August and hello September! 

I thought i'd share with you some of the pictures i've posted on my Instagram in the past month from my account @charoliviap where I post everyday pictures of my life and the places I've been.

I'm going back to sixth form on Septemeber 5th to start year 13! I'm quite nervous but happy at the same time because I never thought i'd make it through year 12, it was so stressful. I found it particularly difficult because i'm a bit off a perfectionist. I have to have everything perfect and well that included my work, so I would sometimes be up till 2am doing my work to make it the best I could without missing the deadline. I'm going to be trying to post regularly but at the moment I have a lot of school work and the added pressure of finding and applying for a university! I'm thinking of taking Geography because I love nature and exploring but the course I want to do means I have to get AAA or AAB! Looks like its going to be a busy year for me. 

I wish you all the best in the new school year and the rest of the year. I'd love to hear about what you've been up to in the summer holidays and when you go back to school/collage :)

Charlotte xx