Autumn has arrived

Hi everyone! At the weekend I went with my mum to our local country house and gardens, i've been going here since I was little and it's one of my favourite places, it's just so beautiful. Although the pictures might not seem overly autumnal because the leaves haven't started turning golden yet, you can definitely feel autumn in the air. It's getting colder which means I can wear jumpers and knitted tights without people giving me funny looks (yes I still wear jumpers in summer).  

Also it's coming up to that time of the year when I need to start writing my personal statement and choosing what course(s) I want to study for university and I'm finding it really difficult. I think many of you guys will be in the same position as me, well I hope I'm not the only one who's really confused. I've always loved photography, art, reading and writing but I always tried to push that aside and focus on the more 'academic' subjects because that's what we were told at school would get us jobs in the future, so I convinced myself that I wanted to study geography at University. But...I think i've changed my mind and decided to go with my heart and are now looking into studying photography with english or design. Have you studied these subjects and what do you think of them? I'm just worried that my photography won't be good enough aah!

Charlotte xx