Golden Light

Hi everyone, I've officially broken up for the summer holidays! Yesterday as the sun was setting I quickly rounded up my camera gear and got my mum and dad to drive me to this beautiful field, i really need to learn how to drive now i've turned 17. It was full of poppies and daisies! As the sun was setting I set my tripod up in hope of getting some good golden hour pictures and then of the sunset, unfortunately as you can see in the last photo a cloud decided to move in front of the sun just as it was setting so the overall effect wasn't as good. Oh well, it was still a lovely evening. Oooh and I'm going on holiday in 1 week yay i'm so excited to explore and take new pictures. Last year we went to Scotland, I posted some pictures of the holiday in an earlier post


. This year we're going to Wales and we're staying in this cute little cottage which actually has wi-fi, I don't think I could live without the internet. I'll be able to post daily pictures of the places I've been on my instagram


. I hope you all have a lovely summer :)

Charlotte xx

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