Walking on sunshine

Hello! Yesterday me and Carmen decided to go on a walk (well quite a long walk) with my camera and tripod to attempt to find someone where to shoot while it was finally sunny in England. After walking for about half an hour we finally came across this gorgeous bright yellow field, that appeared to stretch for miles upon miles. The past few days in England have been so sunny and warm, I'm begging you weather please don't turn cold and grey just yet because it's not even the summer holidays yet! On another note, I have to go back to sixth form on the 10th of June to start year 13, so I only have a few more days left of my mini break, sigh. Anyway here are some of the photos we took. This may be quite a long post, but I couldn't decided which pictures to post oops.

(In case you're wondering who Carmen is...this is Carmen! My best friend yup) 

I bought a flower crown yay!

What photo shoot can be complete without outtakes right....?

How have you guys been spending your break? I'd love to know! Comment bellow what you've been up to with your friends and family :)

Charlotte xx