Favorite drug store products: Soap & Glory body sprays ♡

I thought I'd do a series on some of my favourite affordable drug store products! Starting with gorgeous Soap and Glory body spays. Soap and Glory are one of my favourite drug store brands that offer heavenly scented spays and lotions to beautiful cosmetics, which in my opinion has the best packaging out there it's so cute!

The sprays photographed above are a perfect mixture of fragrant and floral (i can't get enough of them) and I'd recommend them to anyone. However my favourite would have to be the Mist You Madly bottle (the one shown in the bottom picture). As summer is fast approaching they will come in handy, rather than wearing a  heavily scented perfume, I will opt to wearing these. Also, another alternative to these would be the Natural Collection body sprays, I can't describe how good they smell. My favourites are the Wild Strawberry and the Mango and Papaya ones and they're only £2 which make them even more perfect!

Charlotte xx